Outdoor Advertising Norwich

Welcome to Coder Pixel, where cutting-edge technology meets visual storytelling in the very centre of Norwich. Discover the reason we’ve become a prominent name in the city.

  • Unrivalled Exposure: Outdoor Advertising in Norwich’s city centre, we provide advertisers a unique and unparalleled opportunity. Your brand isn’t merely showcased; it’s given the limelight.

  • Prime Location: Perfectly situated adjacent to Norwich’s busy roads and major bus routes, our board captures the attention of both locals and visitors with ease.

  • Diverse Audience: Catering to both local enterprises eager for brand visibility and national names aiming for a wider audience, our platform is designed to serve all.

  • Exclusive and Uncontested: Our key advantage? The total absence of direct competition in the area. Savour an exclusive advertising journey only at Coder Pixel.

Impressions Per Month

Stats based on February 2024 audience - 6am to 10pm*
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In the heart of Norwich

While the detailed specifications of our board might intrigue tech enthusiasts, the crux for advertisers is this: our board’s prime location ensures optimal impact and visibility. Every advert placed with us isn’t just seen; it’s remembered.

While Norwich is our home, our ambitions stretch further. With prospective plans to branch out, the future promises to introduce our distinctive advertising model to fresh landscapes.

Capture the attention of Norwich's evening crowd!

In the heart of Norwich, Coder Pixel’s state-of-the-art digital video advertising board comes to life. As twilight descends and the nightlife stirs, our board radiates, drawing the city’s evening audience.

Strategically positioned by busy roads and essential bus routes, we offer unparalleled visibility. In a city pulsating with energy and modern vibes, there’s no better platform to spotlight your brand during Norwich’s dynamic evening hours.

Whether you’re a local enterprise or a national brand aiming for prominence in Norwich, Coder Pixel is your premier choice. Join us, and together, let’s illuminate Norwich’s night, one pixel at a time.

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Clear Pricing and Full Compliance

Why Coder Pixel?

Value for time and money is central to our ethos at Coder Pixel. Our transparent pricing model is straightforward, determined solely by the duration of your advertisement. Begin your campaign with a minimum commitment of just two weeks!

Rest assured, our operations adhere strictly to UK advertising standards, holding complete planning permission to guarantee a smooth advertising experience.